About Us

The Incorporation of Information Technology Has Ultimately Reformed the Educational World

EducationRade is an Inovotech Consultancy corporation. Since its inception, Inovotech consultancy has been offering impeccable services for renowned customers over many years. Inovotech Consultants has digitized and delivered digital solutions from start to finish to build a strong presence and to speed up the expectations and reach of their customers. EducationRade is an invention of the hard-earned and successful exertion of Inovotech Consultancy. EducationRade was created to provide institutions with complete educational management solutions, transforming traditional learning systems into digital learning platforms.

In all our client institutions EducationRade's management system for online education is thoroughly implemented. We handle all administrative and management tasks to reduce the workload you carry and to ensure a simple changeover from management to technology for your institutions. Institutions of all sizes are more familiar with technology and software and are endeavoring to adjust technology. But in this era of digital and virtual things, online education management systems have become an inevitability for all institutions and are widely integrated into education and operational fields.

The aggregate annual cost of our clients’ institutes is reduced and enhanced by the absolute performance.

Our Work

We provide cutting-edge education. Our EMS employs remarkable technological results that are specifically designed to improve the learning environment of institutions.

Through communication and collaborations, our systems substitute a healthy learning culture. We intend to provide administrators with programmed workflows. Our primary objectives are as follows:

  • Online Registration & Admissions Management
  • Course & Exam Management
  • School Event Planner

Our Principles


The entire EducationRade team is a part of something monumental! They collaborate as a team to meet deadlines and client requirements.


Our team is always willing to take risks and collaborate to create, innovate, and revolutionize the technological landscape for institutions.


The expert team of our specialists relies highly on the right solutions and works with excellence and delicacy to find the right solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

Education is vital to our mission. Our goal is to develop the global educational system and make online education administration possible across all academic fields.

We continue to evaluate numerous techniques to improve our educational management system to ensure that everything is working properly. Such as, the institute faculty may like to develop an in-course widget that provides students with quick access; this would necessitate interaction with the information technology team as well as a rationalized educational procedure. Our in-house education management system comes in handy here. The following are some of the EMS advantages:

  • Easy time management.
  • Reduced ownership cost.
  • Increased accessibility convenience
  • Simultaneous workflow management.
  • Fully automated operations.