When our education management system is integrated into the overall educational process of an institution, the inclusive learning of students’ gets enriched and enhanced because EducationRade spots major ideas and concepts that most of the students are not familiar with, thereby, they acquire extensive knowledge in those specialized learning areas.


In a modern institution, the collaboration of parents, teachers, and students is imperative therefore, our EMS system provides you complete assistance in those features that allows hassle-free communication. The faculty members get timely informed of all the essential notifications related to the assignments and other academic activities.


Project assessment and results can get easier and simpler by the Education Management System and online results can be shown to the students as well. In all-inclusive assessment modules, course evaluation can be done using a questionnaire. With the assistance of EMS, teachers can take exams and attach the results as well.


As the students step into the accomplishment of their studies, EducationRade recommends the teachers various features that assist them in the final evaluation of the students. Faculty members such as mentors, teachers, educational advisors, and student support representatives can get help in maintaining students’ progress and growth by the strategically developed education management system


EducationRade enables students and teachers to learn and educate everywhere in the world, like during travel or in a café. Students can get self-motivation and confidence by involving in different online learning activities. Moreover, EMS provides assistance in engaging students in different activities and helps in reducing disciplinary acts.