It's not an easy task to run an institution. Much has to be taken care of. EducationRade has got your back for education. For all institutions around the globe, we have an admirable education management system. We offer solutions that are specific to the market according to your functional needs, reducing your operating costs and saving you time to focus on more important tasks.


EducationRade has established a system for education management, which supports all of the activities relating to the teaching and training of students in the creation, adoption, administration, distribution, and management of them.

Our education market solutions for the K12 domain make the institutional environment for students, teachers, and parents as comfortable as possible. Provision of tailored systems to improve accountability for curricula, attendance management, and automated test systems.


There is a numeral of causes why the majority of higher schools are determining for the online management system. It contributes to cost overcoming and improves general management practices.

Our technological solutions enrich institutional effectiveness and contribute to automating all management activities within a minimal time.


The global e-learning world is revolutionizing with the incorporation of information technology. This massive execution of EMS and virtual education has complicated the adaption of new practices for many institutions.

EducationRade is the ultimate coverage for you. Our services cater to customized communication, associate all pertinent shareholders by offering a modest and easy-to-use management system assuring lowered operational budget.